"I hadn't exercised in twenty years, and thought I did not have the motivation or time for exercise until I met Lisa. When I signed on, I didn't just get an exercise program, I have a friend who is knowledgeable and truly committed to helping me make long term changes. Her efforts extend well beyond scheduled sessions. She continues to educate, motivate and support you. It is a wonderful experience!" 

-Mary A.

See What Others Said!

"I have been taking Lisa's classes at Juno Lighting for over a year. While you get an exceptional workout in a 45 minute session, you also get motivated to do other things to contribute to improve your health and fitness. You need only to spend a few minutes with Lisa to realize that she practices what she teaches. The classes are challenging, but tailored so you can benefit no matter what your fitness level is. I highly recommend that you give Lisa's program a try." 

-Randy P.


"I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer. She is very dedicated in helping her client's achieve results!" 

-Nancy A.



"I've been working with Lisa for over 2 years. When I started with Lisa I was severely overweight, had high cholesterol and boarder line high blood pressure, I was very nervous about working with a personal trainer. I was put at ease after the first few times we met. Lisa evaluated my abilities and got to really know me. This enabled her to put together workouts that were very manageable for me so that I did not get discouraged. As I improved Lisa continued to challenge me, and take me to the next level. Today I am close to my goal weight, my cholesterol and blood pressure are normal and I've never felt stronger and healthier. I could not have gotten here without Lisa. She is passionate about fitness and very encouraging to me. Lisa always has a workout plan and no workout is the same. I'm always surprised at the new exercises she comes up with. Lisa cares about me as an individual and wants to help me be the best I can be. I'm amazed with my improvement and look forward to continuing my success with Lisa's help. I would recommend Lisa to anyone at any fitness level from beginner to advanced."

-Shannon R.